Balion’s Services

The tasks that are included with in a house management contract with BaliOn are

BaliOn will be in your home on a regular base to ensure SOP, Policy & Procedures as per standard are implemented and set up as discussed with owners. Staff is working according job descriptions. Maintenance is an ongoing point of attention as well as cleanliness. BaliOn will have a permanent operational area manager for your property in charge. Your villa supervisor/villa manager will be in the key person and contact person inside your villa at all times.


  • Create structure of operations for the house and its complete staff
  • Create SOP’s; standard operations procedures and P & P (policy’s) in order to create a smooth and professional operation and professional guidelines for all staff, as by standards, set by owners in co-operations with Pt. Griya BaliOn
  • Create a monthly operational budget for your property
  • Control quality standards
  • Costs control


  • Recruit and hire staff as required by operations and in agreement with owners
  • Make contracts for all staff on name of the property
  • Make job descriptions for the staff
  • Create, organize and control insurance, THR and service charge for staff
  • Make and control working schedule for all staff
  • Deal with any HR matters like working schedules, leaves, sickness ect


  • Supervise the cleanliness, looks and maintenance of the house at all times
  • Isolate and report any cases for service, repairs, maintenance work or need for new assets to owner
  • Commit to a min of 2 or more quotes in case of new assets or larger repairs.
  • Make a monthly report with
  1. Occupancy report and guests profile
  2. Maintenance issues
  3. Staff and other issues
  4. Budget and costs control for the complete operations
  • Make sure the house is always ready for guest’s arrivals
  • Make sure the house is set up accordingly for site inspections and other walk in visits
    • Follow up on VIP or special guests requests
    • Responsible for transfers/ airport arrangements as on request
    • Meet and greet every check in
    • Take care of the guests satisfactory before/ during and after their stay
    • Take care and solve any guest’s complaints
    • At all times; look for improvements through the “eyes” of the owner
    • Set up and take care of a efficient relations ship with the village and it’s acre takers.(as for donations, co-operations, permits, authority ect)


  • Take responsibility for cost control
  • Pay all salaries
  • Pay all monthly costs as need to operate the house as in electricity/water/gas/     TV/internet ect
  • Provide a solid invoice level of administration for the expenses to the owners;BaliOn offers a fully computerized overview of your financial statements regarding the operation and reservations of your villa.

You will receive a monthly overview with the detailed expenses

Additional we will provide a financial statement that shows all general revenue & expenses plus profit.

Within this service automatically the reservation and bookings calendar is included. This is offered through our ON LINE LIVE BRIS system. Booking through our system will have an additional 5% handling except owners stay.


  • BaliOn is not liable for the legal status of neither your home nor your duty to pay taxes.
  • BaliOn advise to use a tax consultant; Balion cannot provide this service within this contract.
  • The fee to BaliOn for above service is in Indonesian rupiah and based on a monthly payment.