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Newsletter Vol. 8 No. 12,  January 2014

The first newsletter of the year 2014 …
So allow us to start with sending our best wishes for a great, healthy and successful 2014 for you & yours.
By exception this news letter will be ALL about BaliOn as we have so much exciting news to share.  The most exciting news is the change of office….I know, I know, it has taken some time to make that decision. But in a way our homey office in Seseh was comfortable, different and low key. But with our growth and a team of 14 persons in the office …it was just not practical anymore in many ways.
…so we left it with large gratitude and many special memories.
Now we are proud and excited with our new office. It will give us the looks and space to grow. To show that we have become a grown up professional company, since 1998.
The new complete address:
88 Jalan Raya Canggu
Banjar Tiying Tutul,80361, Indonesia
Tel: 03617424015
www.balion.comReservation 0361 8626076
Marketing: 0361 5572249
Accounting: 0361 7902512
HM: 0361 7424015 and 5572273
Phone for emergencies: 08123801984New office – New Websites – New Vision & Mission – More News 
2014 is also the year where you will see some separation of activities:
We will focus more intense on the villas we carry in our portfolio only, to improve bookings, service and the attention they deserve.
Through another channel we will offer more villas and new destinations. Another website will show our activities for events and retreats. In this way some villas will be published 3 times.This is also reflected in our new VISION & MISSION of BaliOn.BaliOn Villa Rental VISION
Allow us to create moments for a great memory
We do this like a family, with a smile & a promise to welcome you again and in person during your next visit to Bali.
BaliOn operates through the support of a local and worldwide network of agents and ambassadors, off and on –line.
Hand in hand with our vision & mission of BaliOn management department.
BaliOn wishes that staying guests; value nature, environment and staff very highly, so together we preserve, respect & enjoy the exclusive Bali Heritage and its beauty.BaliOn Villa Management VISION
To be the management company that truly /really cares
BaliOn operates from an authentic location in Bali, surrounded by rice fields and close to the sea. Local village life and Balinese tradition showed us, during 15 years, the right path to grow our business with respect & hand in hand with:
Local culture & custom
Humanity,  as our close friendBaliOn’s vision is to carry a green and sustainable management for their preferred villas.
BaliOn wishes that staying guests; value nature, environment and staff very highly, so together we preserve, respect & enjoy the exclusive Bali Heritage and its beauty..
Allow us to create moments for a great memory
Also new this year is the commitment we ask to the villa owners to make, together with us, a difference and a statement to show we care.
Environmental policy
A big part of the new year will be our new environmental policy. BaliOn fully embraces our responsibility as an environmental conscious company and believes in developing sustainable practice as a leader in the villa rental and management industry in Bali.
At BaliOn we are committed to our green policy and the implementation of pro active measurements to help protect and sustain the environment of Bali for future generations
We recognize the impact of villa-operations on the environment and aim to be as green as possible but maintain the quality of service & facilities expected by our guests.
To support our green mission we have chosen to work with .
Create a green team by awareness of the staff
Give green training to the staff
Separate garbage
Compost option in gardens
Environmental friendly cleaning products
No plastic bag policy

Buy locally at the markets for fruits and vegetables professional organizations to reduce, recycle, and re-use as much we can in the daily operations

Other Samples of our daily operational efforts by BaliOn green policy:
Energy consumption by using low energy bulbs, monitor usage of energy , water reduction through tap control,  water re-use
Re –use towels
Environmental friendly cleaning products
During evening during turn service minimal lights left on in guests room
Temperature adjustments when guests is out of the room
Buy locally at the markets for fruits and vegetables

A big thing for BaliOn, As we very much like to give …

In 2014 we continue our successful formula for charity: One dollar, One night
Last year we supported The Safe Childhoods Foundation and SOLEMEN to help them help unfortunate children. And to secure a better future by actions to stop child trafficking and to improve their environment.  We are proud to be only a small part of their great efforts and work.  Good luck to both Safe Childhoods Foundation  and SOLEMEN for 2014 .
Different than last year; where the money came from BaliOn and guests BaliOn; this year BaliOn  will carry the funding for One dollar, One night on its own. If any guests or owners want to support …well that will be added value and joy.
2013 was the year for children support. 2014 will be the year of environment, both nature and human. We will choose carefully the needs of both and will share projects with you …big or small soon.


New Property in our Portfolio
Arnalaya Beach House

This high end, recently finished, exclusive 6 star property, on more than 5000 m2, is located right on the beach of Batu Bolong and has given BaliOn the privilege to take care of it. The five bedrooms, an all weather tennis court, a gym , a spa and a professional equipped kitchen,  is the home of a Singapore based family and is designed by the 2013 award winning architect Sony Chan. The interior has been taken care of with a superior taste, unique style and great care.
The excellent service will make this villa stand out. You might be contact us for a private viewing on request.

The only less nice info we want to share is the facebook page that shows the planning of new development on Bali: A need for you all to know.

How much is too much

 Bali is facing turbulent times…much uncontrolled development, some infrastructure issues, not to mention the environmental problems caused by the building boom. This phenomenon is taken up in the Facebook group: How much is too much. Here, you can find a list of buildings already in planning or even under construction in Bali. Have a look at this facebook page for the latest development ideas…A Formula One circuit in the mangroves and a Disney resort are only a few of them…The growth of the domestic and Asian market like to see a different Bali that has malls and all the recreation they like to see and visit.

The unregulated increase in accommodation is causing a price war and forces local hotel closures. But it also gives us the opportunity to define the business and service we offer.
To owners, our message for 2014 is to stand out with their homes, increase the level of service and quality. Keep on investing in maintenance and staff training rather than dropping the price.
Real private villa concepts combined with excellent service will always have a premium place in Bali.
In order to meet this challenge, as a villa marketing company, it is important to set on high quality and service, not on low prices. Regular staff training, careful maintenance and the little extra in the service make our villas stand out compared to the others and guarantee for a great holiday.

Villa Songket
 is located in the greater area of Seminyak, the village of Umalas. The area  is still traditional and green and allows you to hit the hot spots of Seminyak within a minutes ride. The villas has been recently built and designed according to wishes of the owners. Villa Songket has 3 bedrooms and is carefully decorated with a perfect balance between traditional style and modern comfort. Villa Songket is a unique villa in Bali and real home away from home, perfect for families.
Review from our guests: 
“We had a wonderful time at Villa Songket. The villa is beautiful and perfect for a family with kids. We loved the location & the staff were very friendly and extremely helpful. We will definitely come back” – Deborah – Australia, stayed 13-18 November, 2013

Peronal tip from Elvira for your stay in Bali.
As hectic as development might look…Bali is Bali and always will be… Even if the decoration (read buildings, infrastructure) is changing.
Bali is about balance …
between good and bad, the ghosts and the demons, the mountains and the sea, black & white.Even though you might not see or feel this anymore, in the south area of busy Bali…but is still there. Same as the amazing Balinese with their smiles and open mind to other cultures and prayers.
Go and explore…Do not stay only at the touristy parts, go to the mountains sides near Batu Karu or Sidemen….try any small road to the left  or right , away from the main road … eat a Nasi Gaorneg, say “apa kabar?” (How are you?) to everybody, get a smile back and meet the real Bali …ENJOY

“A Magic dwells in each beginning…”

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