BaliOn Environmental Policy

UnknownEnvironmental policy introduced by BaliOn 

BaliOn fully embraces the responsibility as an environmental conscious company and believes in developing sustainable practice as a leader in the villa rental and management industry in Bali.

At BaliOn we are committed to our green policy and the implementation of pro active measurements to help protect and sustain the environment of Bali for future generations
We recognize the impact of villa-operations on the environment and aim to be as green as possible but maintain the quality of service & facilities expected by our guests.

To support our green mission we chosen preferred partners like:

  • Eco Bali (sustainable waste management)
  • Eco Laundry
  • Eco clean (cleaning supplies)


  • Create  awareness by the staff & train a green team
  • Separate garbage & composting
  • No plastic bag policy
  • Buy locally at markets for fruits and vegetables.

Other Samples of our daily operational efforts through BaliOn Green Policy:


  • Energy consumption by a no guest in the room – no AC policy. During the evening turn down service a minimum of lights left on.
  • Using low energy bulbs, water reduction through tap control,  water re–use.
  • Towels will be changed only on request