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BaliOn knows that a stay in a private home in Bali is a different experience and the “open” living style plus staff brings up many questions. You can contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions ( Next to this we listen the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I book? 
A. All bookings are on request. A private villa is unique; there is only one of a kind. This means that every booking is a request first till we have the confirmation of owner or house managements company’s first. This is mostly done within 24 hours (at the latest 48 hours).

Q. What is the difference to stay in a private villa or in a hotel?
A. Choosing for a stay in a private villa with staff is like staying in your own private hotel with tailor made, customized service.  You have your own private pool and in a villa there are no add on bills with 21 % taxes as groceries are done at shopping price.  You will enjoy the maximum on comfort and privacy. At the end of your stay you will notice that a stay in a private house is more economic as well. You will do it next time again and again, until you might decide to have your own villa on Bali. We can assist you in this as well!

Q. How do we get to the house? 
A. For some of the villas, an airport pick-up is included in the price. If not, BaliOn will arrange a pickup for a small surcharge (depending on the location of the villa).

Q. Does it have a proper address, phone or fax 
A. Many houses, streets do not have an official address as we are used to. Many times it will be in a small street (called Gang) or it will have no number. Some of the houses have all facilities (like phone/fax), in some of the houses have you can only use the phone for incoming calls (so you can be reached). Some have also a fax. A public phone (called Wartel) is almost on every street corner of Bali. But nowadays most of our guests buy a Indonesian prepaid card for their hand phones.

Q. is there internet connection ?
A. Yes most houses offer a (free) internet connection. Keep in mind that the connection is not as fast and consisting as you might have at home.

Q. If the house is open, there will be many “tropical species” visiting us?
A. Yes and No, for the simplicity of “what comes in, goes out… of course there will be some ants, mosquito’s, frogs, butterflies, chick chack (small salamander who eats mosquito’s) visiting you. But due to the full day employment of cleaning staff; the houses are very clean and will almost never have/show unpleasant bugs.

Q. Do I have to do my own shopping
A. You can do your own shopping. But you can also talk through your shopping list with the staff. You can provide the staff with a certain amount of money to do the shopping for you so they can do the shopping for you. After finishing the shopping they will hand over the receipts and the change ..

Q. Do we “tip” the staff on a daily base of for every thing they do? 
A. No, they are very used that there will be an appreciation at the end of your stay.
If the staff did extra jobs or worked overtime there will a surcharge. The villa manager can inform you about this.  The manager can also assist you in your request for a personal assistance, butler and or nanny.

Q. Do the housekeeping staff speak another language?
A. Most of the staff in the houses can speak or understand English, like most people in Bali. Even if they do not speak English, they know very well their job. And a bit of body language has it charms as well.

Q. Do we have to bring our own towels or sheet?
A. No all the villas come with bed linen / towels that will be changed on a regularly base.

Q. Is there any insurance for the house or do we stay on our own risk?
A. That is correct, Balion is acting as an agent. Under no circumstances shall Balion be responsible for any loss, expense, damage, claim or injury either directly or indirectly due to your stay in a private villa. You stay on your risk and personal (travel) insurance.

Q. AND IF………………….
A. You JUST CALL BALION phone numbers. We live in Bali and are there for your personal assistance and to make your stay in one of BaliOn’s villas an unforgettable & unique experience.