О Балион


We started with the rental of our own private home, more than 14 years ago. Bali is a paradise and it is so easy to welcome guests and give them a real special stay. Now a day’s tourism has become one of Indonesia’s most important foreign exchange earners. Especially Bali tourism industry has regain strength and Bali hosted more than 4 million visitors in 2011. Many of them still choose a hotel for their stay. But there is a change that is still growing every year. More and more people on holiday are searching for a more individual, comfortable and different approach. And that is where BALION comes in.

Many foreigners in Bali have a dream residence; villa’s with servants, pool and all delights of a life in the tropics. At first, of course family and friends come to visit, thrilled by the charm of staying in such a home, the staff and the “open” architect-style. The next step is that it even makes sense to rent it out. That is what happened to us and it became our pleasure to please guests’ stay with the best service. Almost like a stay in a hotel with personalized hotel management, but without the many add on bills or commercial schedule to keep up. We realized this was it! There are so many beautiful private villas on Bali! All of them are unique in their style, architecture, location and interior. And the owners do not occupy them the whole year round. As word spreads and with the growth in demand for private houses/villas as an accommodation; BALION was born in 1998

Сегодня, BALION represents more than 50 виллы по всему Бали и стремительно расширяется. Мы делаем сильный выбор домов, которые мы выбираем для нашего портфеля. Мы нам вести нашим собственным личным вкусом и выберите для домов с душой! Важными критериями: Если мы хотели бы остановиться в доме сами и имеет хорошее соотношение цены и ценника, мы знаем, у нас в гостях будут рады также.